Configure Postfix as SMTP Relay using Gmail

Do you want to send emails from your Linux server but you don’t have an email server?
This feature is specially useful to provide feedback or results from your custom made scripts or any other piece of software that needs an SMTP to send emails. Continue reading “Configure Postfix as SMTP Relay using Gmail”

Backup with rsync

How do I perform a Backup? Can I perform a remote backup? How can I keep it synchronized by transferring only the changes since the last backup?
In this post we are going to perform a backup and learn how to keep it fresh.
It is important to clarify that this method can be used to perform a “system backup”, but it is not the target of this post.
The objective is to perform a backup of a concrete path and keep it synchronized by copying only the modifications since the previous backup. That is going to save time and resources as only the changes will be transferred. Continue reading “Backup with rsync”